In the True Spirit of Ramadan

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Retailers, while trying to boost their sales, should refrain from unjustified price hikes.

Special occasions are not only an opportunity for families and friends to exchange wishes and gifts, they are — for better or for worse — commercial opportunities for retailers and other service providers.

And, even as some retailers try to boost their sales with promotions and special offers, others try to increase their profits with unjustified price hikes. This Ramadan the authorities have been actively enforcing regulations designed to prevent shops from excessively hiking prices, to the benefit of consumers.

The authorities have also moved to ensure that consumers receive safe and hygienic services by calling on restaurants and beauty salons, among others, to abide by the relevant regulations.

In salons, this includes making sure personnel are suitably qualified and the treatments used are of the necessary quality. Accidents can turn what should be a joyous celebration into a painful, scarring experience. While retailers have the right to take advantage of commercial opportunities, they must also ensure they respect the spirit of the period.

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