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Relive the Spirit of Ramadan



“Blessed are those who properly make use of this holy month and ask for forgiveness for one’s guilt’s and sins.”

The holy month of Ramadan is an opportunity to indulge in introspection. The faithful should reorient themselves with the glorious teachings of the religion of peace, Islam, and reiterate one’s commitment to the service of mankind. That is, indeed, the message and spirit behind fasting, prayers and supplication.

Ramadan is not only about abstaining from eating or drinking between daybreak and sunset; there’s a lot more to it. It’s a month where one should take full advantage to get closer to Almighty Allah, and work for compassion and serenity. The more a person delves into the spirit behind the purpose of fasting, the more he/she becomes a giver and caring for humans all around, irrespective of race and religion or caste and creed. Peace, happiness, kindness and forgiveness are all that is in the air during the holy month of Ramadan.

Blessed are those who properly make use of this holy month and ask for forgiveness for one’s guilt’s and sins. Faithful have a rare opportunity to acquire more good traits and habits, and strengthen and crystallise them in relevance with the divine teachings of Islam and Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). The month teaches generosity and brotherhood, and coming to the aid and assistance of the needy. We are living in an era when there is turmoil all around.

Wars and conflicts in the Muslim world have rendered millions of people homeless, and they are all in need of peace and liberty. This is where divine teachings can help. Brokering peace and addressing conflicts in an amicable manner during the holy month will be a great service to mankind as ordained by Islam. Let all of us take the first step of educating ourselves about the glorious message of love, compassion and forgiveness, and then go on to build an impeccable character and society. This is what the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) taught mankind and his followers. Ramadan is all about inculcating the virtues of discipline, self-restraint and generosity.

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Ramadan Kareem!

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