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Private transport companies vow to boost GDP



Private transport company owners, under the aegis of Association of Private Transport Companies of Nigeria (APTCON), have called on business owners across the country to play their part to ensure that the Nigerian economy bounced back.

Noting that the federal government alone cannot salvage the current situation, the group called on stakeholders in different sectors, particularly in transport, to tap into every potential that could stimulate growth and development of the Africa’s biggest nation.

Speaking to newsmen on Sunday, the Convener of the association, Dr Henrietta Onwuegbuzie expressed the readiness of its members to energize the sector with trillions in fresh investments that will help grow the nation’s GDP.
“It is our intention to fully mobilize and rally resources, both human and material, for the growth of the transport sector which has been identified by experts as capable of further propelling Nigeria’s GDP.

“We are keen on building the capacity of our members to leverage new opportunities, improve their services and operate sustainably, especially as the nation’s economy faces very severe strains”, she said.

Onwuegbuzie explained that APTCON was established to provide a platform for industry players to meet and discuss matters of common interests, regulations and strategies on how to overcome operational challenges to ensure business sustainability and profitability.

The body, she added, would regularly speak with one voice as regards government regulations, bus fares and other issues affecting the sector.

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