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Federal High Court Disowns Giwa’s ‘Writ Of Execution



The Federal High Court, Jos, has disowned the ‘writ of execution’ being bandied by Chris Giwa and his group, according to the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF). Based on the purported writ of execution, Giwa and his group are laying claims to the leadership of the NFF.

The NFF said in a statement on Monday that Mr. Nasiru Gusau, the Registrar of the Federal High Court, Jos, denied the authenticity of the writ of execution being bandied by Giwa, saying that the document did not emanate from the court. “We did not issue any writ of execution on this matter. What you are saying is strange to me,” Gusau told on Monday. Gusau explained further: “The Giwa people made an application for writ of execution, which the court declined.

The court cannot execute a declaratory judgment or an interlocutory order. “Moreover, if the case is on appeal, how can the High Court issue a writ of execution?” It has now become clear that in their desperation to attain some relevance in Nigeria football, Giwa and his group would stop at nothing, including the ridiculing of the judiciary.

An undated ‘writ of execution’ was submitted at the NFF secretariat on Friday, by an Executive Officer (Accounts) with the Federal High Court, Jos. Attached to the ‘writ of execution’ was, the first two orders made by the court, leaving out the most recent orders that struck out the first two, as well as the Hon. Judge’s clarification.

Gusau had earlier clarified the interim order made by the court on 8th April, saying the court only re-listed the Giwa case for hearing and never said Giwa should assume leadership of the NFF. The Honourable Judge M. H. Kurya himself clarified the order he gave, dated 14th April 2016, while delivering his ruling on the application by NFF for leave to appeal.

Giwa and members of his group, emboldened by the document, invaded the NFF Secretariat on Friday afternoon, but were repelled by NFF Staff and sent away by the police. After its 25 –minute misadventure at the Glass House, the Giwa group issued a statement that it had ‘taken over’ the NFF. The invasion came only 24 hours after a peace meeting ordered by the Nigeria Parliament.

Deputy Chairman of the House Committee on Sports (which is saddled with the responsibility), Rt. Hon. Anayo Nebe, at the weekend expressed disappointment with the Giwa group’s action.

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