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Restructure Mindsets, Not Nigeria – Ganduje Puts Forward



Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje of Kano State has ob­served that geo-political re­structuring is not the pana­cea to the nation’s current socio-economic woes, point­ing out that Nigerians need to restructure their mindsets instead, to return the coun­try to the path of progress.
He posited that the USA is more geo-politically frag­mented and has more na­tionalities than Nigeria yet, it is by and large, the strongest nation in the world.
According to Governor Ganduje, “the USA attained its present status because of the ability of its lead­ers to harness the positive thoughts and actions of its heterogeneous population and not by restructuring the country along geo-political divides.”
The governor, who was speaking during a social event organised in honour of delegates to a pre-election meeting of the National Youth Council of Nigeria, in Kano, advocated that Nigeria should devote attention to tapping from the potentials of its youths for national integration and development.
Lamenting the high prev­alence of corruption in Ni­geria, he argued that youths are the best segment of the society to lead in the crusade against it in view of their physical and intellectual ca­pacity as well as their leader­ship potential.
Governor Ganduje stated that his administration has put in place machinery for constructive engagement of youths in the scheme of af­fairs, explaining that the ap­pointment of youths into key positions in the government is a pointer in that direction.
On the forthcoming elec­tion of the National Youth Council of Nigeria, he ad­vised members to vote for credible leaders who would advance the cause of the as­sociation, assuring them of the support of his govern­ment.

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