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Labaran Wasanni

A karon Farko Liverpool ta lashe gasar Firimiyar Ingila cikin shekaru 30



Kungiyar kwallon kafa ta Liverpool dake kasar Ingila ta lashe kofin Firimiyar kasar na kakar wasanni ta shekarar 2019/2020.

Nasarar daukan kofin na Liverpool a yau Alhamis ya biyo bayan rashin nasarar da kungiyar kwallon kafa ta Manchester City ta yi a daren Alhamis a hannun Chelsea daci 2-1.

Yanzu dai Kungiyar kwallon kafa ta Liverpool na da maki 86 a gasar yayin da Manchester City dake biye mata ke da maki 63, cikin wasanni 31 da aka buga a gasar.

Yanzu dai wasanni bakwai ya rage a karkare gasar ta Firimiyar ta Ingila, inda za’a buga wasanni 38.

Zuwa yanzu dai Liverpool ta bai wa Manchester City dake biye mata a matsayi na biyu tazarar maki 23.

Tsawon shekaru Talatin kenan rabon da Liverpool ta dauki gasar ta Firimiyar kasar ta Ingila.

A jiya Laraba ne Kungiyar ta Liverpool ta samu nasarar zura wa Kungiyar kwallon kafa ta Crystal Palace kwallo 4-0.

A bana dai Liverpool ta samu nasarar cin wasanni 28 a gasar ta Firimiyar.

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